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Simeon Solomon
King Solomon1872 or 1874Public DomainKing Solomon
Frans Francken the YoungerKing Solomon Receiving the Queen of Shebabetween 1620 and 1629Public DomainKing Solomon Receiving the Queen of Sheba
Peter Paul RubensKing Solomon and the Queen of Sheba1620Public DomainKing Solomon, Queen of Sheba
Edward John PoynterKing Solomon, Queen of Sheba1890Public DomainKing Solomon, Queen of Sheba
Christian SchuesseleKing Solomon and the Iron Worker1863CC0
Christian Schuessele

Peter Paul RubensThe Judgement of Solomoncirca 1617Public Domain
Peter Paul Rubens

Johann Friedrich August TischbeinThe Queen of Sheba Kneeling before King Solomonsecond half of 18th centuryPublic DomainJohann Friedrich August Tischbein
Shigeru AokiKing Solomon and Jerusalem1906Public DomainShigeru Aoki
Sébastien BourdonKing Solomon Sacrificing to the Idols17th centuryPublic DomainShigeru Aoki
Frans Franck (II)King Solomon and the Queen of ShebaPossibly 17th centuryPublic DomainShigeru Aoki
Henrik WeberKing Solomon in the Prison1847Public DomainShigeru Aoki
Kristian ZahrtmannKing Solomon1881Public DomainShigeru Aoki

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